Kick that tap water to the curb.

For decades, rural South Dakotans have loved WEB Water’s crisp and refreshing water. It’s locally filtered, clear and is a great-tasting alternative to not only your tap water but sugary drinks.


Life is hectic - save yourself an errand.

You don’t have to go pick up bottled water - we’ll bring it to you. WEB Water provides home and office delivery of our bottled water.


We deliver on your terms.

Simply choose a date for your set up and we’ll install your cooler at your home or office. Then, we’ll bring your refills to your home or office biweekly or more often if you need.

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We Offer Home & Office Delivery

Cooler Rental

$12.50/Month for
Easily Accessible Water

  • White option available for $10/month
  • Convenient access to cold or hot water in your home or office
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Repairs and replacements are covered
  • Set-up service provided by a trained technician ensuring proper installation
5 Gallon Bottle

5 Gallon Bottle

$6.50 Delivered to
Your Home or Office

  • Large bottles keep your family or employees hydrated longer
  • Easy-grip handles for lifting and carrying
  • Delicious WEB Water
  • Regularly scheduled pick-up of empty bottles and drop-off of full bottles to meet your needs

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There’s No Contract.

Committed to customer satisfaction, WEB Water Bottling provides a high quality product and service at an unbeatable price. Schedule your first delivery and try our delicious, refreshing drinking water for yourself. If you aren’t satisfied, call us to cancel your delivery services. No gimmicks and no hassles. Just quality customer service.

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We like to keep our
customers happy.

And their wallets.

One Free 5 Gallon Bottle of Water
for New Customers